Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mobility Scooter - Replacement Battery

Does the battery pack on your mobility scooter need replacing?

Are you searching on-line to find mobility scooter batteries? If so you have come to the right place!

We provide details and information on where you can buy a new replacement battery pack to fit your electric mobility scooter - and at amongst the cheapest prices you will find in the UK.
All makes and models of electric mobility scooters will at some time require a new battery fitting. With ageing and chemical deterioration (that has to take place with a battery) you can find that the performance of your mobility scooter will fall as the time to replace the battery approaches.

Typical symptoms are reduced running time and distance, the battery taking a longer time to top-up its charge, and very low speed of the scooter in general. When a battery pack fails totally the scooter will usually either not accept a charge at all or the scooter will break down - usually when you most need it on that trip to the shops, a friends house, or on the journey back home.

If you are the owner of an electric mobility scooter one of the best ways to avoid a "breakdown" is by way of preventive maintenance and the fitment of a new battery pack every year of useage or so. This way the battery on your scooter will always be in a good condition and delivering the performance that is essential to the mobility scooters drive motor.