Friday, 27 July 2012

Should you buy a cheap priced imported mobility scooter?

If you are considering the purchase of a cheap priced mobility scooter, are they actually a good buy?
A few questions that you should ask yourself are;

* Is the scooter you are looking at suitable for your individual needs?
* What is the battery life between recharging and also the distance it will cover on a full battery?
* What is the performance of the scooter? Will it steer and brake as good as others?
* Aftersales, is there a repair service available for annual maintenance to be carried out?
* Parts availability - are replacement spares available?
* Build quality - because it is a cheaper price is it manufactured to a good reliable standard?
* Accessories - are rain covers available to buy or not?
* Assembly and pdi check - is the scooter available ready assembled to use?

By shopping around you will find mobility scooters can be purchased for all different price points. From cheap priced models through to top-end expensive ones. The more well known brand names usually always demand a higher cost price.

Occasionally though you can find a local mobility shop that offers these brands at a discount price.