Monday, 18 February 2013

Replacement Batteries For Mobility Scooters

Has your electric powered mobility scooter stopped working or is it moving really slow after being charged? If so then you might need a new replacement battery (or batteries if it has more than one)?

It is unfortunate but the battery pack fitted to your mobility scooter will not last forever and depending on how often you use and ride your scooter you can expect it to need replacing approx every two to four years. Even mobility scooters (as well as powered wheelchairs) that are used every day will need a replacement battery fitting on a frequent basis.

Why does the battery pack only last this amount of time?

It is not that the battery pack deteriorates through wear and tear, it is because they lose their power and charge holding capability because of a chemical process that happens over a period of time. If you have ever purchased a cheap set of batteries for an electrical appliance or item such as a torch or radio you will know what happens if you scrimp on battery quality! When it comes to your mobility scooter this is one area where you will need reliability and performance at the highest level possible. If you choose a poor quality replacement battery for your mobility scooter you could run into problems. The worse situation is the scooter stopping when you need it most. Of course the scooters battery could just be an inconvenience for you by preventing you from going out on your daily trip to the local newsagent, but wouldn't it be best to have a quality battery that gave you the best reliability and performance instead?

How hard is it to find a UK supplier of replacement battery packs?

You can easily locate a UK supplier of rechargeable batteries to suit your own wheel chair or mobility scooter. Replacement units can be bought by either quoting the make, model, and year of scooter, by battery pack code number, or by identification by a mobility scooter service agent. Which ever method is best for use it is recommended you choose a high quality replacement battery to give you the best all-round service.