Friday, 1 November 2013

Mobility Scooter Insurance

Our long experience with Mobility Scooter Insurance means that our staff can fully appreciate the need to help you should you suffer theft of your scooter, vandalism, damage, or a breakdown.

If your battery powered mobility scooter (or powered wheelchair) is stolen you know you can call upon the help of a UK insurance company to help you.

Most purchasers and owners of mobility scooters do not recognise the need to buy suitable insurance cover until after an event has occurred. It is only after experiencing the theft of their beloved scooter or being involved in an accident when insurance cover normally comes to mind.

With regards to accidents and of course personal injury it is essential to protect yourself with a mobility scooter insurance policy.

For just a few pounds per week you can have suitable cover which will also give you peace of mind in the event that you ever need to make a claim.

When shopping around or searching in Google for mobility scooter insurance you should consider the following:

  • Accident cover. With a cover value that offers at least £100,000 personal injury claim value.
  • Theft cover. Depending on the age of your scooter with new for old cover.
  • Breakdown cover. With recovery and assistance should your scooter suffer a mechanical or electrical fault and break down. 
  • Vandalism. With a combined recovery and repair service included. 
  • Temporary hire cover. To cover the supply of a "loan mobility scooter".
  • Loss of keys cover. To insure against the fitment of a new controller switch with keys. 
  • Legal expenses cover. To insure you against any relevant legal fees. 
  • Cover to "get you home". If your scooter is stolen or breaks down away from your place of residence then this insurance cover will cover the costs to get you home. (usually by way of a taxi). 
Insurance Excess Amounts: 

Some insurance policies dictate an excess when you take out mobility scooter insurance. This can vary from one UK insurance company to another. We recommend you compare several companies prior to taking out insurance cover on your powered wheelchair or battery powered mobility scooter.