Friday, 13 March 2015

Using a mobility scooter in York

Is it easy to get around the historic city of York using a mobility scooter?

The lovely city of York in Yorkshire is one of the most visited cities in the UK, but just how accessible is it to users of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs? 

In general the central areas of York are quite accessible, where extra care is needed is when you attempt to visit some of the old parts of York such as the roads and streets that are around the "stables". This is an attraction area in York where the road is cobbled and with a very narrow footpath running on either side. 

To safely visit this particular area on an electric mobility scooter you would need a scooter that is very stable and preferably has large sized wheels to cope with the uneven surfaces.

Another consideration of this part of York needs to be given to the number of people that are here at any one time, during late mornings through to early afternoons the stables area can see thousands of visitors hustling through the street over a few hours duration. Mobility scooter riders would be advised to avoid these peak visitor times, instead you could choose to visit first thing in the morning or say around 4pm onwards. 

Some of the really spectacular places to visit in York are certainly very mobility scooter friendly - especially York Minster and the famous York Castle Museum. 

Planning on doing some shops during your visit to York? Apart from the "shambles" area this should not be any problem. In the centre of the city of York there are all the usual high street shops that you would expect to find anywhere in a buoyant city in Yorkshire, and just like the cities of Bradford, Leeds, and Sheffield - mobility scooter access here is good. 

Vehicle Parking: 

As one of the visited places in the whole of the UK, York can become really busy at times, and especially so during weekends and over bank holidays. At times car parking can become limited but there are a number of blue badge spaces in several car parks scattered throughout the city. If you are a mobility scooter user and intend to visit York by car it would be well worth checking out where these are located before you travel.

Places to eat and dine out: 

The lovely city of York has some great eateries, cafe's, and restaurants, especially down at the river side. Whilst not all cater for mobility scooter users - a lot do, so you should not have any difficulty finding somewhere to eat and dine at during your visit or stay here.

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