Friday, 18 May 2012

Mobility Scooter Hire - Stratford Upon Avon

Are you looking for electric mobility scooter hire in Stratford?

If so you have come to the right place!

You can enjoy at affordable rental prices the use of an electric mobility scooter to allow you to get around the beautiful and historic town of Stratford Upon Avon and take in its attractions and facilities at your own pace.

If you need help in getting around you can make the most of a trip to Stratford by way of Mobility Scooter Hire. Being mostly "flat" and with large open areas the use of an electric mobility scooter will give you the freedom to visit some of of Stratfords "gems" including the house of William Shakespear, Harvard House, the famous Stratford Theatre, the town centre and its shops, and much more.

If you are stopping in one of of the many hotels in Stratford in the UK and need extra mobility to get around then arranging local mobility scooter hire makes sense. You may be spending a few days and nights in the lovely high quality "The Stratford Hotel" and need help in travelling to the nearby town centre. Perhaps you wish to visit one of the best restaurants Stratford has to offer such as the Sorrento Italian Restaurant? Or you may simply wish to commute down to the River Avon and take a sedately calming boat cruise in early afternoon? All of these are possible with the aid of an electric powered mobility scooter.

Shopping in the historic town of what is known as the "home of Shakespear" is a delight and leisure activity on its own. This town that is one of the most visited locations in the UK has regards to shops something that appeals to everyone. Antiques, clothes, old style sweet shops, modern boutiques - Stratford Upon Avon has them all!

Around the house of Shakespear and the museum next door you will find a multitude of shops and attractions that are highly recommended to visit. If you need help in getting around this area you can obtain local Stratford Mobility Scooter Hire.

The town shopping centre