Here are links to other useful websites that offer advice, features, information, reviews, and resources:

Age UK - read about this large UK charity that is dedicated to helping people in the later stages of life. Age UK offer a range of valuable services and support to older people through the Age UK network.

Arthritis Foundation - read about arthritis and its related conditions

Benefits in buying a Quingo electric mobility scooter - read about the benefits in choosing one of these high quality models of mobility scooters

Mobility Scooter Insurance - find cheap priced insurance for your mobility scooter or powered wheelchair

Sarcoidosis - read information on this rare condition that has no cure according to the medical profession

Sarcoidosis Alternative Treatments - read and find help on alternative and holistic treatments for sarcoid

Cheapest Mobility Scooter Covers - view protective covers to suit your mobility scooter.

A cover can protect your mobility scooter from the rain and wind when it is parked up and not being used. In addition it keeps it out of sight from potential thief's and from possibly being a target of vandalism. A good quality cover does not have to be expensive, in fact some of the cheapest covers can work out to be the best when it comes to this type of accessory.

View a promotional video on mobility scooter rental in Scarborough.

After a major investment by the local authorities, Scarborough has become one of the most mobility scooter friendly seaside resorts on the upper north east coast area of Yorkshire. With wide pavements and sea-front promenade, Scarborough is now accessible to everyone.

Black Friday Deals and Offers - view deals and special money saving offers on mobility scooters.

Usually the first Friday in November after thanksgiving, Black Friday is a day when the UK public can save a great deal of money on not just clothing and electrical goods, but on mobility aids and electric mobility scooters too.

To take advantage of the great money saving offers that are available on Black Friday you usually have two choices - either buy online from a mobility scooter website (perhaps a dedicated mobility scooter website or Amazon UK?) or visit a local mobility scooter shop that is promoting offers on this well known "shopping frenzy" day!

We'd expect you to find some great deals at your local mobility aid shop whether it is in Bath, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Chesterfield, Coventry, Dewsbury, Doncaster, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Northampton, Nottingham, Peterborough, Preston, Rotherham, Sheffield, as well as maybe the seaside resorts of Bournemouth, Blackpool, Scarborough, and Skegness to name a few.... Just look through our website to find what you need!