Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Pride Go Go ES8 Mobility Scooter

The latest Go Go mobility scooter from Pride offers high performance but at an affordable price!

If you are after a no-frills mobility scooter the Pride Go Go ES8 could be just the model for you?

This particular battery powered mobility scooter offers the stability of a four wheeled scooter and can be purchased at an oustanding low cost despite the brand of Pride being well known for their model features and high level of reliability.

Pride Go Go ES8 Features:

At the time of writing this mobility scooter has four (4) wheels giving it good stability in use especially when it is used on uneven ground and when negotiating tight corners. The Go Go ES8 is powered by way of a large capacity high power 24 volt battery pack (2 x 12v) that drives through the use of a 24v dc motor through the rear wheels.

The braking system on this Pride Mobility Scooter is electro-mechanical as well as being power regenerative.

The colour choice currently available for customers looking to buy this particular model of scooter are an option of blue or red. In addition this scooter has black painted contrasting components that include the handlebar tubing and seat supports. Plastic components such as the Pride Go Go's foot boards are also finished in a dark black-grey colour.

Other Features:

Weight capacity: 19 stones, 9 lbs
Ground clearance: 2 inches (mid frame)
Turning radius: 108.60 cm
Overall length: 102.20 cm
Overall width: 49.50 cm
Battery charger: off-board charger
Weight (without battery pack): 35 kg
Max speed: up to 4 mph

One really handy feature of the Pride Go Go ES8 Mobility Scooter is the way this scooter can be disassembled for easy transportation and storage (if needed). Unlike other cheap scooters this model can be broken down into six (6) pieces allowing transporation if needed in a small hatchback type car.