Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Does A Mobility Scooter Require Servicing?

If you own or operate an electric mobility scooter should it have a regular service?

A lot of owners assume that no regular service requirements are needed because this form of transport is electrically powered. What is needed is a different maintenance routine than a petrol or diesel powered form of transport.

Safety and reliability are the key requirements when it comes to owners and users of mobility scooters, in particular the chassis components should be checked on a regular basis with emphasis on the operation of the scooters brakes, wheels, tyres, and steering components.

The "power unit" and battery pack is hidden from sight on most electric mobility scooters usually being mounted under the body shell. These two components are critical reliability items that are a must when it comes to routine maintenance. If either fails or under performs the speed and travelling distance of the scooter will be effected with the likelyhood of the mobility scooter suffering a breakdown.

It is essential that the brakes and speed control lever or twistgrip on your mobility scooter is working to the highest possible level. A core safety requirement is that your electric scooter can start, stop, accelerate, and slow down when needed. The same goes for the steering controls. The handlebars must be adjusted correctly and operate smoothly without jerking or snagging, full left and right movement must be obtainable to allow the rider full control.

Where should you take your mobility scooter for it's regular service?

It is recommended that you take your disability scooter or powered wheelchair to an agent that can cater for your individual needs as well as the recommended service schedule for your make and model of scooter.

A large majority of dealers now offer a collection and delivery option where they will collect from your adddress, carry out the necessary work in their workshop, and then return your mobility scooter back to you. Some also offer the use of a "loan" scooter or provide one for hire.

Most major cities have an agent that offers this service so if you don't find one via this website you could carry out a search on the internet using a search engine such as google to find one. For example you could search using the phrase of Mobility Scooter Service Agent In Sheffield. This should find you a local dealer that can carry out the servicing work for you.