Monday, 2 July 2012

How To Prevent The Theft Of Your Mobility Scooter

If you are the owner of an electric powered mobility scooter have you considered theft protection?

The theft of a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair can be very distressing as well as a major inconvenience for the person who relies on it to get around on a daily basis.

As with any valuable possesions and personal forms of transport, you will want to keep it safe and secure from the possible risk of being stolen or tampered with.

What action have you taken to prevent it being stolen? 

One of the easiest (and cheapest) methods of securing your electric mobility scooter is to fit a security alarm.

You can now buy at an inexpensive price a compact sized mobility scooter alarm (which also fits powered wheel chairs) that can be fitted in a short period of time to most models of scooters without any modifications needed.

How is the alarm connected? 

The most popular security alarm is connected by just two wires that are attached to one of your scooters battery packs. All that is needed to fit one of these alarm units is to remove the cover where the batteries are located and then just connect the two wires, one to each terminal of one of the scooters battery pack, finally using an adhesive pad, stick the alarm box in a suitable place. It could not be any easier - the longest job is removing your scooters battery cover to gain access to the batteries!

Does one of these alarms sound if my scooter is being moved?

The mobility scooter security alarm has a built in tilt and vibration sensor device that will activate the alarm if the scooter is moved or tilted. The sensitivity of the tilt monitor device can be adjusted to allo for parking on uneven ground or if you park your scooter in a windy area.

How do i turn the alarm on and off?

The mobility scooter security theft alarm is supplied with a remote control unit that is the size of a key fob. The alarm is switched on and off when required by simply pressing the required button.

What if there is not sufficient room in the battery housing to fit the alarm unit?

This is a common question and does apply to some models of electric mobility scooters as well as powered wheelchairs. It is recommended the alarm unit is mounted somewhere out of sight, the best two places being the battery box as mentioned or alternatively below the riders seat.

Can one of these alarms be fitted by someone with no mechanical or electrical knowledge? 

Yes, one of the main features of one of these security alarms is their ease of fitment, no drilling or modifications are required, your mobility scooter can be alarmed with ease in just a short period of time.

If i am unable to fit the alarm myself can a dealer fit it for me?

All mobility scooter agents and dealers are able to fit one of these security alarms. You will though save on labour charges if you fit it yourself.