Friday, 13 November 2015

Black Friday Offers on Mobility Scooters

Save Money On Buying A Mobility Scooter

Black Friday Deals on Mobility Scooters

Take advantage of Black Friday Sale Deals and Offers and save money on the purchase of a new mobility scooter

Black Friday only comes around once a year and is held on the Friday following thanksgiving. On this day (and occasionally in the lead up to it) you can enjoy some great money saving deals and prices on a large selection of electric mobility scooters, as well as scooter accessories and mobility aids. 

When is Black Friday 2015?

Black Friday for 2015 is on Friday 27th November. 

About Black Friday:

Black Friday is a well known day now when UK shoppers can enjoy a shopping treat - often saving up to hundreds of pounds off the purchase price of an electric mobility scooter. Black Friday is a "discounted shopping" day that has originated from the US. After being trialled in the UK at various retailers and online shopping outlets it was found to be a huge success, and in the lead-up to Christmas has become something of a major talking point. 

It can be compared to what used to be in the UK the traditional "January Sale" but with a shift in the calendar taking place with it being hosted in November as opposed to January.

Last year in 2014, Black Friday was fantastic day for the general shopping public as well as mobility scooter stores. With money saving deals to be had on mobility scooters as well as essential mobility aids. Shopping around it was easy to save money on most brands of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs as well as accessories such as rain covers, storage covers, replacement battery packs for mobility scooters, and even simple things like a shopping bag and basket for attaching to your scooter. 

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