Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Buying A Used Mobility Scooter

Thinking of buying a used mobility scooter?

Buy a used mobility scooter
Are you currently considering the purchase of a secondhand battery powered mobility scooter? If so we hope this article will be of use to you....

When shopping around to buy a mobility scooter a fair amount of people choose to look at buying a used scooter as opposed to a brand new one. In most cases this is because they cannot afford the cost of paying-out for a brand new model from their local mobility shop.

Things to consider if shopping for a used mobility scooter

There are a fair number of things that you should consider if you opt to buy a secondhand mobility scooter, including a few pitfalls that should be avoided in order to help save you money and time in the future months and years ahead.

When looking at a used mobility scooter always compare what the cost is versus an equivalent brand new model. Try and compare "like for like" with the exact make and model that you are looking at buying. This will give you a clear picture of what the real difference price (cost) is, providing the used scooter is in a good and full working order!

Check if parts and replacement batteries are still available, the battery packs on a mobility scooter are classed as a service item and are definitely an item that will need changing every couple of years, regardless of the make and model of mobility scooter that you decide to buy. Other parts worth checking are the scooters battery charger, the drive motor, it's tyres, mirrors, and the important on and off switch. All of these parts suffer from general usage wear and also from the occasional breakdown, so it's important that replacements can be obtained otherwise your second hand scooter could be rendered at some point as unusable!

We don't expect everyone to go out and start checking the scooters individual parts and components - just contact a mobility scooter shop and ask if parts are still available for the make and model of scooter you are thinking of buying - before you part with your money! If the model is obsolete with no parts available - please walk away and look for another scooter, it will be the cheapest option in the long term!

General consumable items:

These items on any secondhand or pre-owned scooter are items that will need changing after a period of usage. Consumable items are components that are freely available from UK mobility scooter outlets and dealers, and are not just make and model specific - in other words these consumable parts are commonly available for all scooters regardless of their age and condition.

  • Replacement tyres
  • Replacement inner tubes and valves
  • Replacement light bulbs and warning horn
  • Replacement mirrors
  • Replacement anti-tip wheels
  • Replacement shopping baskets
If the used scooter that you are thinking of buying needs any of these consumable parts don't let it put you off making a purchase. All of these items can be easily purchased and at an inexpensive price too. 


As with the purchase of a brand new mobility scooter, it is important to follow a few basic rules if your looking to buy a used mobility scooter. 
  • Make sure the scooter suits your individual needs and requirements
  • Check that service parts are still available - and before you part with your money!
  • Buy from a recognised seller or mobility scooter shop
  • Check that some sort of guarantee or warranty is provided
  • Check that the mobility scooter is clean and not soiled or rusty
  • Ask the seller about aftersales and annual servicing
  • Consider purchasing a protective rain cover