Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Protecting Your Mobility Scooter

Protect Your Mobility Scooter This Winter

Rain and snow cover for a mobility scooter

Protect your scooter from rain and snow by buying an inexpensive protective cover

With the season of winter well and truly with us in the UK (as well as most parts of Europe) it's time to make sure that your mobility scooter (or powered wheelchair) is protected from the harsh weather elements that winter can throw upon us. 

Unless you are fortunate to have a garage or a car canopy at your home, the easiest and cheapest way to protect your mobility scooter is by buying a protective cover.

Mobility Scooter Rain Covers (and which protect it from snow as well) are simple to fit, being placed over the top of your scooter (like a motorcycle cover) and then pulled down towards  the ground on the front, the back, and on both sides.

Some rain covers have an elasticated bottom edge that holds the cover snugly around the lower half of your scooter, some others have a simple retaining belt that holds the cover really tight in place.

When looking to buy a mobility scooter rain cover you want one that is easy and straight forward to fit, and which can be fitted without having to bend really low down to fasten it.

A good cover to consider buying is this rain cover that is available from Amazon.

This particular cover is inexpensive and yet can keep the harsh winter weather from damaging your valuable mobility scooter.

It can keep your scooter from getting wet when it rains, preventing it rusting and deteriorating. A rain cover also protects the much needed electric parts on your scooter, in particular the key switch and speed control.

Protecting your mobility scooter from theft

A rain cover does not only protect your electric mobility scooter from the weather, it can also help protect it from theft. By covering your scooter up from prying eyes it makes it less vulnerable to an opportunist thief.

A clean mobility scooter is more pleasurable to use

Most owners of electric mobility scooters take pride with keeping their scooter in a good clean working condition. A protective cover can help not only with protecting your scooter from deteriorating in-condition electrically and mechanically, but can keep it clean for when you want to use it.

As with cars and motorcycles, most owners find a clean means of transport more pleasurable to use, after all would you rather pop down to the shops or out to see friends and family on a clean mobility scooter or one that is dirty?

Not using your scooter for a while?

Some owners choose to store their electric mobility scooters for periods when they don't need to use them. This could be if the weather is really bad over winter, or if they choose to go on holiday and need to leave their scooter at home. If you are not using your mobility scooter for a while it makes good sense to keep it covered-up and protected from the weather, and in this scenario a rain cover is ideal.