Monday, 18 February 2013

What's this blog all about?

This online blog is to help UK browsers find out information on numerous topics connected with Mobility Scooters.

Now recognised as being an essential item of mobility equipment an electric powered mobility scooter can make a real difference to someones life. In past years many people (and especially the infirm and elderly) struggled to get around when they had a medical condition or a weakness in walking. A mobility scooter can change all of that and in not too much of an expensive way.

Should a mobility scooter be an expensive luxury when for most people it is simply an item to help them get back into day to day life? We believe the use and ownership of this type of mobility aid should be within the reach of anyone that would benefit from using one. So, here is our online blog - and we have named it after what we think is of real importance to people looking for help as regards a mobility scooter; focusses on where UK users can obtain a mobility scooter at an affordable price. This could be for the rental of one for a short break in a UK seaside resort, simply to get around a shopping centre or a garden centre, or for use at home as an essential mobility aid to make those simple trips to the local shop, park, or for travelling to friends and relatives.

Over the coming periods of of time we aim to feature local UK stockists as well as service providers connected with the hire or sales of battery powered mobility scooters. We also intend to feature UK visitor attractions that offer the free use of a mobility scooter for whilst you spend your time at their location.

What else do we intend to feature? We feel a real benefit to you would be to feature accessories and products that will allow you to get the most from your powered wheelchair or scooter, a few examples are rain covers, shopping baskets, security alarms, replacement batteries and tyres etc.