Friday, 18 May 2012

Mobility Scooters Buying Guide

The purchase of an electric powered mobility scooter is a big step that can help a lot of people keep their independence if they suffer from mobility problems.

The use of an electric (rechargeable battery) powered mobility scooter means you don't have to rely on a family member or a carer to help you, it gives you the freedom of being able to visit friends and family, or pop to the shops. They are easy to use, simple to maintain and also economical to run requiring just a few hours charge of the scooters battery to be up and running. The decision of which electric mobility scooter to buy can be daunting. However, an electric mobility scooter is a purchase that you can enjoy for many years and can transform your life greatly, so taking the time to do your research and shopping around for the best price is a worthwhile investment.

To make your decision making easier we have selected a range of electric mobility scooters from the UK's leading brands. You can use this guide to help identify which particular electric mobility scooter is right for you.